[Biojava-l] How soon can we get a book of biojava?

David Huen david.huen at ntlworld.com
Thu Nov 27 02:33:31 EST 2003

On Thursday 27 Nov 2003 2:00 am, wux at mail.cbi.pku.edu.cn wrote:
> Dear all:
>    As Mark said, James Gosling knows biojava exists. I found two books in
> O'reilly : "Beginning perl for bioinformatics" and " Mastering perl for
> bioinformatics". I hope " Beginning java for bioinformatics" and "
> Mastering java for bioinformatics " are available as soon as possible.
> Does biojava team think about it?
I believe that Matthew Pocock (and someone else too?) was commissioned to 
write one  and has been busy doing so.

David Huen

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