[Biojava-l] File formats

VERHOEF Frans verhoeff2 at gis.a-star.edu.sg
Fri Nov 21 03:02:57 EST 2003


Just my take on it, but if developing software that reads ABI files
would be illegal, I think Microsoft would already have sued Sun
Microsystems for StarOffice being able to read/write in MS Office
So I do not think you have to worry about it.

Kind regards,

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> Hi,
> I am a software developer based in the UK that has
> been asked about producing a piece of software that
> outputs data from the files in ABI sequencers in a
> more human readable format. I hope the
> org.biojava.bio.program.abi package will let me do
> this, but I have some concerns about the legal
> implications of using and contributing to this
> package.
> Does anyone know what the legal position is with
> regards reverse engineering the Applied Biosystems
> file format (and any other file formats come to that
> matter)? I would imagine this file format is the
> property of Applied Biosystems and they would not like
> me producing applications that read from it unless I
> provide them with a sizable licence fee (although I
> guess I am not reverse engineering it if I just use
> the above package, just if I contribute to it?).
> Many thanks in advance for your help,
> Rich
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