[Biojava-l] Job / Task Scheduler for Biojava (Webservice)

Tom Oinn tmo at ebi.ac.uk
Wed Nov 12 06:58:27 EST 2003

Hi Ralf, Mark, all...

Are you aware of our project, Taverna? We're working with various 
groups, mostly up at Newcastle and Manchester but also here at the EBI 
to provide workflow based technology for bioinformatics. Specifically, 
we have a system, Soaplab, that can wrap arbitrary command line tools as 
services (currently applies to all the EMBOSS tools but we can easily 
extend it), courtesy of Martin Senger's work here, and the Taverna 
project itself which allows users to create workflows out of both 
Soaplab's services and arbitrary SOAP based web services (we could add 
Corba, OGSA, RMI etc if needed). It's open source (LGPL) and on 
sourceforge (taverna.sf.net), and is in use 'in anger' in several 
complex bioinformatics analysis projects.

May I humbly request that you take a look before writing something 
similar, and if possible join our development effort?

Matthew - you're both on this list and working up at Newcastle, does 
this seem reasonable? I'll be up in a few weeks to talk to the 
biologists, perhaps we could get together over a drink or several and 
see how Taverna and Biojava could play together?



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