[Biojava-l] BLAST parsing explodes in size

VERHOEF Frans verhoeff2 at gis.a-star.edu.sg
Tue Nov 11 02:52:45 EST 2003



I am having a problem parsing huge blast results. Basically I am parsing
the blast results pretty much the same way as in "Biojava in Anger",
with as only difference that I use the setModeLazy() of the
BlastLikeSAXParser, since I am using NCBI Blast version 2.2.4 and that
version is not recognised by the parser yet.

Besides that the only difference lays in the things I do with the data.


The problem is that when I parse a blast result that is a few hundred
MB, for example 300MB, the java application is ballooning up to around
1.6GB of memory. Sometimes the application even crashes because I only
have got 2GB to play with.


Does anyone know what's causing this? Is it because I set the lazy mode?
Is there any way to work around it?


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