[Biojava-l] SVM question

Castellanos, Malu malu at hpl.hp.com
Wed May 14 20:27:14 EDT 2003

I am interested in using a support vector machine accessible thru a Java API, I was told that BioJava has a very good implementation very similar to SVMlight. Looking at the BioJava API I realize that there is the package org.biojava.stats.svm with  SMOTrainer, SMORegressionTrainer and SVMRegressioModel classes and a package org.biojava.stats.svm.tools with SVM_light and Train classes, to learn a SVM for classification which one should be used? and for regression? is there any example or documentation on this? 
Is the SVM_light an implementation of Joaquim's SVMlight?

Many thanks


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