[Biojava-l] Multiple Sequence Alignment Viewer

Can Tran can at ucsd.edu
Wed May 7 17:33:35 EDT 2003

Hi Nathan,
You can use ATV

Best wishes,

At 2:33 PM -0700 5/7/03, Nathan Whitehouse wrote:
>Dear all,
>   I've used biojava on and off for some time, and I've
>always found it useful.
>   I'm not sure how to proceed with my current problem,
>though I'm sure someone has done it already.
>   I basically need a way to visualize a set of
>sequences which need to be aligned.
>   Can anybody point me in the right direction on this?
>   Is there an easy tool to visualize multiple
>   Thanks a bunch,
>   Nathan Whitehouse
>   Baylor College of Medicine
>   Shaw Lab
>   Houston, TX
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