[Biojava-l] blast

dkabic01 dkabic01 at athena.louisville.edu
Mon Mar 24 10:44:42 EST 2003

hi there
I am using HT-blast for SGI IRIX systems. I have been trying to use BLAST2HTML 
program of biojava for my output but I think output genrated is not in the 
format that BLAST2HTMl program needs. So i tried to used the code given for 
blast parsing at "biojava in anger" webiste. I have been having problem in 
understanding  and compiling this statement:
 SearchContentHandler builder = new BlastLikeSearchBuilder(results,
          new DummySequenceDB("queries"), new DummySequenceDBInstallation());

any advice how to understand what this statement is doing and if there is any 
errors or any thing need to be change?

please advice.

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