[Biojava-l] SeqIOTools.writeFasta method using Sequence object

Takeshi Sasayama sasayama at lmi.hitachi-sk.co.jp
Wed Mar 19 16:27:11 EST 2003

Hello Mr. Sugino,

It will be very helpful for me if you provide them. Mark has already
provided me the source files. I'm going to use BioJava server as Mark
suggested that.

I'm OK to co-work in translation of the rest of the documents and let's talk
in detail about co-working personally.

Takeshi Sasayama

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> Hello all.
> Hello Mr.Mark Schreiber, Mr.Takeshi Sasayama
> My name is Kentaro, a Japanese student using
> biojava. I've already translated some of biojava.org
> files into Japanese in privately and use it.
> ( Therefor I don't upload them http-server.)
> Mr.Sasayama, if you like it, I'm happy to provide
> them to you and co-work on translating the rest of
> documents.
> And Mr.Schreiber, I think what you mean is if I( or we)
> upload the translated documents on WWW, it should
> be on biojava.org server. Correct?
> > Probably we should move all these to the
> > www.biojava.org?
> >
> >- Mark
> If correct, I'm happy to hand in them to
> biojava.org too. Anyway, it's my pleasure to
> collaborate.
> Thanks
> Kentaro Sugino
> honshistu at yahoo.co.jp
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