[Biojava-l] web service problems

Matthew Pocock matthew_pocock@yahoo.co.uk
Wed, 22 Jan 2003 15:23:29 +0000

Thanks for all the sudgestions. I got this working in the end. The bug 
appeared in JBoss as well as various tomcats. It was fixed by doing a 
totaly clean rebuild of biojava-live followed by a totaly clean rebuild 
of biojava-ensembl. I blame the pixies. The only thing I can think is 
that some files may have had debugging (-g) information, and others may 
not have. Weird.


Thomas Down wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 21, 2003 at 01:27:48PM +0000, Matthew Pocock wrote:
>>I'm having some problems with biojava in a web service I wrote. I'm 
>>using biojava.jar and bj-ensembl.jar along with my own jsp and servlets. 
>>It used to work (before xmas), but now I get an exception: 
>>"NoSuchFieldError: naturalOrder". This is a field in Location (in 
>>biojava.jar), and the calling code is EnsemblTranscript (in 
>>bj-ensembl.jar). I can build both jars from scratch using ant, so javac 
>>thinks the field exists. I can javap the Location interface (using the 
>>biojava.jar in the deployed .war) and naturalOrder appears, so it realy 
>>should be available.
> I've just experienced this very same probelm, also using
> biojava-ensembl, from a simple command-line script, so there's
> definitely no container-specific classloading issues.  I was
> able to fix it by doing a clean build of biojava-ensembl.
> Any chance of version skew in your case?
>    Thomas.
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