[Biojava-l] help about Viterbi in HMM

Sat, 14 Sep 2002 14:41:33 +0800 (CST)

Dear friends,
   I am now very insterested in bioinformatics and only a newcomer to this subject.
   I have the book "Biological sequence analysis" by Richard Durbin and have read it so long a time but understand little,especially about HMM.I have studied Probablity and Statistics in chinese but on in English.So many terms in equations in the book confused me very much,even some of them I can not find them in anywhere.
   For example,the Algorihtm of Viterbi in HMM in 3th chapter of the book(page 56-57).What is "ptr" and how to "argmax" in the recursion of Viterbi?And I don't understand the procedure of recursion using Viterbi algorithm.
   So I have a request.Would anyone  please write down to me the detailed one-by-one recursion produres using Viterbi algorithm to model the dice rolls example in page 57.How to recurse to know what dice(fair or leaded)was used?Ten rolls or so of recrusion is enough for me to understand,I think.
   Here I found no person and no English material who and which could help me.
   I need your help.Thanks in advance.


  Wang Hua-zhong  Ph.D
  Cytogenetics Institute,
  Department of Agronomy ,
  Nanjing Agricultural University,