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Matthew Pocock matthew_pocock@yahoo.co.uk
Sun, 27 Oct 2002 11:35:22 +0000

Keith James wrote:
> Checked in searched changes as discussed - i.e. switch to string ID. Made
> change to relevant method names on feedback from users. Old methods are 
> deprecated. Not sure if this is best - maybe just rename them in place? As
> this is an interface all implementations currently have both sets :(

Wonderful. That's great news.

> Not checked in yet, but succeeded in getting pure Java DocBook build
> requiring only Xalan + Ant to work. It's now simple to set up for DocBook
> novices - download styleshheet and DTD, get Xalan, change 2 paths in build.xml
> (can't see how to avoid this yet) and type 'ant docbook'

Cool. Thanks a lot for doing this. Docs are so important. It will be 
nice to have docs linking up nicely. Perhaps I should actually get 
arround to writing some ;-)

> K 

You're a legend.

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