[Biojava-l] ACGT program for genome sequence analysis

Tao Xie txie@systemsbiology.org
Mon, 21 Oct 2002 12:20:05 -0700

Dear BioJava members,

I have written a Java program named ACGT, (A Comparative 
Genomics Tool),  based on Biojava 1.21 library (or greater). 
It is a genomic DNA sequence comparison viewer and analyzer. 
It can read a pair of DNA sequences in GenBank, Embl or 
Fasta formats, with or without a comparison file, and 
provide users with many options to view and analyze the 
similarities between the input sequences. Can be run on 
Unix, Linux and Microsoft Windows platforms. Require 
Java 1.4. 

If you are interested in it, please have a try and send me 
your suggestions. Thank you!

You can try the program at the following address:
Sincerely yours,

Tao Xie
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