[Biojava-l] cvs down?

chris dagdigian dag@sonsorol.org
Mon, 25 Nov 2002 15:28:13 -0500

{copied from an email I just sent to bioperl-l... --Chris }

The cvs machine was found to be hung over the weekend. I finally got a 
chance to visit the datacenter this afternoon with my trusty serial 
console cable and found the system unable to even boot into single user 
mode. Something nasty has happened to the system disk. Either hardware 
failure or an OS crash is likely although perhaps we got hacked by 
someone who decided to blow the OS disk away. Can't tell until I can 
play with the disk again.

The Netra T1's are a pain to debug/fix, didn't come with a service 
contract and use really expensive  hotswap 10K RPM scsi disks. They lack 
cdrom drives so bootstrapping one often involves PXE netbooting or other 
not-easy-to-setup tasks.

The box will be down until I can fix it or rebuild a replacement server. 
I'm going to solicit opinions from the gurus of the OBF sysadmin cabal 
(root-l@bioperl.org) before making the final call on what to do.

Plan A involves taking the disk out of the cvs box and (hopefully) 
mounting it on another sun box and essentially seeing if some sort of 
'fsck' like utility can repair the disk. If that works cvs will be 
online early tomorrow morning.

Plan B involves tossing the existing CVS Netra T1 box into the "cold 
spare" pile and bringing a new system online that runs Linux on top of a 
standard 1U rackmount dual Pentium III system. Much easier to debug, 
maintain, backup and fix.

Regardless of what path we take the system will likely be unavailable 
for at least the next 1/2 day or so. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Dave Barkan wrote:
> Hi,
> I was trying to go to http://cvs.biojava.org to see how to access the
> biojava cvs repository.  I was not able to connect; is it down right now,
> and if so, when do people expect it to go up again?  (and if not for a
> while, could someone post quick instructions?)
> thanks!
> Dave
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