[Biojava-l] spam to biojava-l

Thomas Down td2@sanger.ac.uk
Thu, 21 Nov 2002 09:21:25 +0000

I've historically been from the camp who think it's best to
tolerate a certain amount of spam in the name of uncensored
communications.  However, things are getting to ridiculous
levels now (not just on biojava-l, but everywhere I look -- even
the number of id10ts trying to relay stuff through my own private
mail server is up).  Therefore, unless anyone has objections, I
think we should ask Chris to mark our two mailing lists as moderated.

I'm happy to take my turn on the mailteam.  It would be good
to have another biojava representative, though.



On Wed, Nov 20, 2002 at 08:37:47PM -0500, chris dagdigian wrote:
> One of our biggest anti-spam tools has been unavailable since we moved 
> servers to the new internet connection and lost our ability to query the 
> www.mail-abuse.org RBL+ blackhole lists.
> I followed up on my month-old request to have our new IP added to the 
> ACL and got a reply back this evening that says we should be good to go 
> in about 1 hour.
> mail-abuse.org 's DNS-blackhole lists are used at the sendmail SMTP 
> server level and are our first line of spam defense.
> If people are seriously getting annoyed with spam one option that 
> biojava-l list members can discuss is the idea of making the list 100% 
> moderated (ie all posts must be manually approved). The DAS and MOBY 
> people are doing this with good success.
> The problem with that is that we don't have the volunteer bandwidth on 
> the O|B|F mailteam to handle moderating biojava all by ourselves. We'd 
> need a few biojva-l members to step up and volunteer their services as 
> list moderators.