[Biojava-l] Questions

Andrey Zinovyev zinovyev@ihes.fr
Sat, 16 Mar 2002 13:21:38 +0100


I am new in this list.
I chosed BioJava to implement some web-application for visualization of data
in molecular biology.
As for datasources, I'm interested, first of all, in GenBank and EMBL

I have several questions:

1) I've read in the API about possibilities of organization of databases and
accessing standart ones. I didnt understand exactly
is there a way to extract automatically sequences from, say, GenBank. BTW,
is there a kind of quering language for GenBank or EMBL?

2) Did somebody implement such methods as Principal components analysis
(Singular value decomposition), Self-organizing maps?

3) Is there any Java packages in the BioJava framework for analyse of
microarrays data?

Thank you,
Andrey Zinovyev.