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Mon, 24 Jun 2002 12:57:30 +1200

Hi -

The JVM is only allocated a small amount of memory at start up. To get
more you typically use the -Xmx option. Something like java -Xmx500m
will give the JVM 500meg of memory.

The exact syntax may differ between JVMs, see your JVMs documentation
for the exact syntax.

- Mark

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> I'm developing a software using BioJava. Now I need to create 
> a SymbolList 
> with a really long sequence, and I uses:
> **************
> SymbolList sbl = new SimpleSymbolList(dnaToke, ls);
> **************
> 'ls' is a string of 10000000(10 millions) symbols, then I got 
> an 'OutOfMemory' 
> exception. Is this a problem with BioJava? How can I get 
> around with that? Any 
> advice is greatly appreciated.
> Cheers
> Angie
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