[Biojava-l] Biojava course help.

Witold Eryk Wolski wolski@molgen.mpg.de
Tue, 18 Jun 2002 13:56:23 +0200


I am a student of bioinformatic on the free University of Berlin. I 
started to work with the biojava API. I found biojava quite interesting 
and usefull. Also the idea of open source tools in science is quite 
important. Therefore i wanted to learn more about biojava.
To do this i am trying to organize an biojava course during the summer 
hollidays on our faculty.
The idea i had for the course is that each part (core package, Sequence 
Databases and formats... ) of biojava will be presented and discussed. 
In the presentation the  biological background of the package, the 
algorithms and the design patterns used to implement each package should 
be presented. This have to be done by group 3 of 4 students. One idea is 
also that the participants have to write a small application that uses 
the classes and methods presented, until the the next meeting.

I posted the idea on the mailing lists of our faculty and got a lot of 
e-mail from students that are interested in such a summer course.
Now i am thinking how to make the course more attractive to attract even 
more students to join the course.
   It will be great if some of the core developers will be interested in 
visiting Berlin this Summer and give for example a broad overview to all 
parts of biojava during one weekend as a start of this course and help 
to work out a schedule for such an course.
   I already talked with the administration of our faculty. They are 
willing to support the course at least by making the computer pool and 
lecture rooms available. Our faculty has also some money to pay for 
example a part of the traveling cost's.
Wasn't there a biojava course this spring in England? If yes it will be 
grate if someone is willing to share his experiences with me.

Sincerely Eryk.

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