[Biojava-l] Would like to contribute...

Kalle Näslund kalle.naslund@genpat.uu.se
Thu, 11 Jul 2002 15:30:36 +0200

Andrew Leong wrote:

>I'm a developer with some extra time and would like to contribute to the
>biojava open-source project.  I've worked with Java before, but most my
>experience is in C++.  What needs to be done?  
Dunno if i am the right person to answear this, but as no one seems to 
do it, i will try =P.

Imho its not so much what needs to be done, as what do you want to do ? 
My suggestion
would be to take some time to browse the javadoc so you get an overview 
of what biojava can do, and
what it can not do.
Then, pick something that intrests you, that might already be included 
in biojava, or something that
isnt included, and start to play a bit with that. And it might be good 
to drop another mail or two here
before you start to do anything serious, so other people that might be 
doing the same thing can
coordinate with you.

hope this helps, and dont hesitate to drop a mail if you need some more 

mvh Kalle

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