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Paulo Nuin nuin@terra.com.br
Sun, 7 Jul 2002 22:44:43 -0300


Try to grab a JDK from sun (java.sun.com) for your Linux dist. Normally it
will put the necessary binaries in the /usr/bin directory.
It is the easier way to do it.
Other thing you can do is to define where is your java executable and make a
"ln" (link) in your /usr/bin directory.
This was the way to correctly make my perl work with any script.

If everything fails look in the how tos at the java site or linux files


Paulo Nuin
PhD student @ MZUSP

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> Hey Matthew,
> I think you are asking the question of whether you can make the
> operating system aware of a java binary much like it is aware of an elf
> binary. The answer is yes. how? I remember trying to do this a long time
> ago. It's a kernel config thing...I remember finding it in the linux
> how-to's. Try there for more direction.
> Cheers,
> -B
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