[Biojava-l] linux

Pedro pedro.fabre@gen.gu.se
Sun, 7 Jul 2002 15:17:24 +0200

Hi Mattew,

I'm not sure if this is what you want but, have you tried to create a 
file called .cshrc into your home directory?

and place into it your env parameters i.e.


you can activate it by typing after the edit.

source .cshrc

If you want to use for "all users" try to place these lines into a 
file called login. In my machine (running Darwin) in a file named 
csh.login place into etc folder point to me to the right folder were 
login file is placed.

Hope this help


>I've just installed my first ever linux box, and am trying to make 
>java feel like part of the OS. Does anyone know of a trick that will 
>let me make a .jar file executable and have it launched from the 
>command line without fiddling around with all that java -jar stuff? 
>I use quite a few java apps and want to just put symlinks in 
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