[Biojava-l] Restriction digest progess

Kalle Näslund kalle.naslund@genpat.uu.se
Tue, 02 Jul 2002 17:46:48 +0200

Brian Osborne wrote:

>To Biojava,
>I see the following on the first page of the Biojava Web site:
>BioJava is distributed under LGPL. This means that you can use the libraries
>without your software being forced under either the LGPL or GPL.
>Can someone tell me what this means?
>Thanks again,
>Brian O.

GPL        = General Public Licence
LGPL      = Lesser General Public Licence

The exact wording of respective licence can be found at 
Where you also can find FAQs for the licences, that explains the most 
common questions.

If you just want to know what GPL/LGPL is, then the FAQ should be 
enough, but if you intend to
interact with GPL/LGPL code on some sort of commercial basis, i would 
recommend that you
got some proper legal advice from a solicitor before doing anything.

mvh Kalle