[Biojava-l] a newbie interested in trying biojava

mandavya mandavya@gmx.net
Thu, 21 Feb 2002 07:44:59 +0530

hi all,
      I am a biologist developing interest in bioinformatics.
      I have downloaded the following jar files from the biojava site.
1. biojava-1.11
2. biojava-20010702
3. biojava-20010920
4. biojava-20020111
5. bytecode-0.90
6. jakarta-regexp
7. xerces
8. xml
          I have my jdk1.3/bin in C drive .

I tried to follow the documentation for installing these packages. But i failed. Please tell me where to copy these jars, before
that check whether the downloaded jars are adequate and up-to-date.

thanking u all in advance,