[Biojava-l] (no subject)

Matthew Pocock matthew_pocock@yahoo.co.uk
Mon, 18 Feb 2002 11:47:06 +0000

Hi Gabriel,

Just to re-iterator what David said, you can use the Genbank parser in 
the org.biojava.bio.seq.io package to parse Genbank entries, and then 
you can upload the sequences it produces into a relational database 
using our BioSQL client in the org.biojava.bio.seq.db.biosql package. 
You will need to find a jdbc driver for Ms Access, or a jdbc ODBC driver 
if you have configured Access to use ODBC.

The biosql client does not currently do a very good job of writing all 
the non-feature annotations into the database, but you can adapt the 
code to do this for you with a little knowledge of SQL and Java.

>>of such a program. But I am new to biojava. Could you
>>please make some suggestion for me to start? Any idea
>>concerning this will be appropriated.

> You could also attend the bootcamp at the EBI next month if you want a
> quick start.  I found this route much less effort myself.

Also, some of us have chat open at:

irc.openprojects.net, port 6667, channel #biojava

Your milage will vary according to who is logged on and how much time we 
have available to chatter ;-)