[Biojava-l] Feature interface changes

Kalle Näslund Kalle.Naslund@genpat.uu.se
Fri, 15 Feb 2002 10:38:43 +0100

Matthew Pocock wrote:

> Hi all.
> Since the 1.2 release is out, we can now start to think about some of 
> the issues we have had with the current APIs. These changes would 
> never be back-ported onto the release branch. We are commited to 
> keeping the release branch APIs stable.
> I think the Feature interface may be up for renewal. Here is my 
> wish-list.
> idea:
>   - make the core properties of Feature and its sub-interfaces
>   mutable
> consequences:
>   - get/set methods for things like location 

This is a something i would find very usefull.

<LOTS of text removed>

I know to little about the biojava api to have any constructive ideas 
about what is good or bad.

> All ideas, flames and dirty jokes greatfully recieved.
> Matthew
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