[Biojava-l] SequencePanel/Poster

Keith James kdj@sanger.ac.uk
13 Feb 2002 10:04:16 +0000

>>>>> "Jolyon" == Jolyon Holdstock <j.holdstock@oxagen.co.uk> writes:

    Jolyon> Hi, Should SequencePoster still be in the API (at
    Jolyon> biojava.org) as SequencePanel seems identical?  Cheers,
    Jolyon> Jolyon

I guess that SequencePoster could go as it seems to have the same
functionality as SequencePanel, just a slightly different
implementation. In fact, the possibility of TranslatedSequencePanel
being the the default SequencePanel was raised a while back.

What we have now are:

SequencePoster - older implementation

SequencePanel - main implementation containing a drawing workaround
which allows high pixel coordinates to be drawn accurately by
translating them towards zero, but which gives unexpected results when
making a BufferedImage from the panel. Nice and easy to use.

TranslatedSequencePanel - supplementary implementation which uses a
different drawing workaround which avoids use of high pixel
coordinates altogether and doesn't suffer the BufferedImage offset
problem, but which is not a drop-in replacement (if you drop it in it
will work, but the high pixel coordinates problem remains - you need
to use its extra translation methods to pan the view to high
sequence/low pixel coords). However, performance is much (6-8x)
improved and it generally feels more snappy.

I think SequencePoster should go. Not sure about the others - I think
there's room for both if the differences are clearly documented.



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