biojava website ( was Re: [Biojava-l] Documentation Overview spelling correction)

chris dagdigian
Wed, 06 Feb 2002 10:10:40 -0500

Don't reinvent the wheel- people interested in working on our 
next-generation (apache + php apparently) website should just up and 
join our existing webteam. We already have the server, now we just need 
smart people to make things happen in a timely fashion. People 
interested in joining the open-bio webteam should point their browsers 

The basic goal is a good-looking template driven website that has little 
or no dynamic/changing content (probably just the News items will 
change). We are good at writing code but we suck at content creation so 
the last thing we want is some goofy portal that instantly goes out of 
date because people can't be bothered to update it. I imagine that most 
of the content is going to be static stuff like the email list archives 
and auto-generated codebase documentation. .

Anyone good at graphic design?  We also need logos - look how sad and 
pathetic our little "Open Bioinformatics Foundation" booth looked at the 
OReilly conference :)
The question of booth staffing we will leave for another debate. heh.