[Biojava-l] Alignment.sequenceIterator()

Schreiber, Mark mark.schreiber@agresearch.co.nz
Thu, 15 Aug 2002 09:28:38 +1200

I may be missing the issue here but why not make a SymbolList iterator.
If a Sequence is added to the Alignment it will forever be a Sequence so
a quick instanceof test when retreiving SymbolLists from the iterator
could automagically turn it back into a Sequence again.

- Mark

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> Subject: [Biojava-l] Alignment.sequenceIterator()
> Hi.
> Did we come to some agreement over 
> Alignment.sequenceIterator()? I'm in 
> the process of implementing an alignment where there is no 
> sensible way 
> to view the entries in the alignment as sequences - they are symbol 
> lists in this case. So, did we reach a consensus about what the 
> signature of this method should become?
> Matthew
> ps We should realy set up that devel list
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