[Biojava-l] microarray libraries

zhongg01@med.nyu.edu zhongg01@med.nyu.edu
Fri, 19 Apr 2002 10:45:23 -0400

Is there an effort currently to build java libraries for microarray analysis?  
Anyone working on clustering tools, distance metrix, linkage methods for 
clusters and display of dendrograms representing them, etc.  Much of it 
involves statistics, and I had only one semester of college statistics, so I am 
not qualified for that part. But I am wondering if anyone is participating in 
writing these tools.  I know JExpress is a rather comprehensive program for 
analysis, and GeneSpring, also in java, is even better, but neither, to my 
knowledge, opens its APIs to programmers.  Any direction would be appreciated.


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