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Wiepert, Mathieu Wiepert.Mathieu@mayo.edu
Fri, 5 Oct 2001 07:35:57 -0500

I am not, nor probably ever will be, a great biologist or programmer.  But,
I support a great bunch of pharmacologists who know what they are doing, and
I have some good programmers around me to ask programming questions of.  So
I am able to contribute support to my lab, as long as they don't mind
explaining what they need.  Not sure if anyone is up on 'extreme
programming', but for bioinformatics it is actually great, get a programmer
and a biologist in a room together, and see what happens :).  

You can contribute right away if you are in the right situation, and it is
hard only of you don't know how to program and have no biologist around to
advise you or direct you on what makes sense.  If you do have that, and you
know some java, then you are set.  If you don't know java yet either, but
are a good programmer, you should be able to pick it up (or try bioperl).
And I have found that this group will support any effort you make to enhance
their science and code.

Good luck!


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Hi David,

Thanks for this information.Is there any tutorial avaiable on internet
also.So that i can start something right now and one more thing how much it
is difficult to do programming for these bio softwares.

thanks & regards,
Amit Kaushik

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> On Fri, 5 Oct 2001, Amit Kaushik wrote:
> > Hi All,
> >
> > I don't have any background of biology but i am really interested
> > to code some good application in to this bioinfotmatics field.Is there
> > really any need to be of same background to enter in to this field, if
> > not then can anybody please advise me how can i start programming in to
> > this field and which type of software we can develope for this fields.
> >
> Most of the issues faced in doing bioinformatics programming do require a
> basic molecular biological understanding as the software we develop models
> these these features as objects of various kinds.  You don't have to be a
> bench research biologist, many of the developers here are not, but I'm
> pretty certain all do have a working understanding of molecular biology.
> insofar as how sequences "work".
> You could acquire the required background just from reading a book like
> Lewin's "Genes" - it's how I started molecular biology from an
> engineering background.
> Best wishes,
> David Huen

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