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Cox, Greg gcox@netgenics.com
Tue, 5 Jun 2001 08:52:31 -0400

Ah...  I'm the guy who uses javac on a windows box.  Switching to 1.4 is no
problem for me.  However, looking at the thread, I suggest tabling this
until a Mac version is released, since a number of people require that.

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 Seems to me that most people working on non-unix platforms use IDEs. I
haven't seen anyone writing java code with notepad (or other text editors),
and then run javac from the command line... I myself have been converted
from being an Emacs enthusiast to preaching the gospel of IDEs - it's a
matter of productivity; it's nice to have an editor that knows Java, it's
nice to be able to browse classes and objects and change them on the fly, or
generating javadocs and browsing them with a press of a button. 

As to JDK1.4 compliant IDE: the best bet is Netbeans 3.2 (with JDK1.4
patch). It is an open source IDE, pure-java, and in my opinion it beats
every other IDE, with one hand tied behind the leg... :) 

As soon as the early preview of the JDK1.4 came out, they were already
patching the IDE to work with it. 

If anyone is interested - http://www.netbeans.org <http://www.netbeans.org>

  "Schreiber, Mark" <mark.schreiber@agresearch.co.nz> wrote: 

Hi -

Just another thing with switching to 1.4, Almost all of the current IDEs do
not support many of the aspects of 1.4

I got this from the JBuilder development team;

>No, the JBuilder team refuse to test on an unreleased platform as it does
>hideous things to their shipping schedule. JDK 1.4 removes the classic VM
>and when JBuilder issues a debug command, it switches the jdk
>into -classic - this will cause the final release of JDK 1.4 to bomb so I
>would expect a patch or some such after JDK 1.4 is released to fix this.
>There are a lot of other features in JDK 1.4 (assertions, dynamic class
>reloading, etc) which will also dramatically affect the way that JBuilder
>operates, so I would expect to see most of these surfaced in JBuilder 6.

Most IDEs will probably become 1.4 compatible around 6 months after th! e
Do most people use IDEs or are we all serious command line hackers?


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