[Biojava-l] request/proposal for change to BlastLike DTD

Wiepert, Mathieu Wiepert.Mathieu@mayo.edu
Thu, 12 Jul 2001 08:30:15 -0500

	Awhile ago you had mentioned changing from the DTD to a schema.
Have you put any work into that?  Schema is now a w3C recommendation, so we
should probably move over to that soon.  I did try a simple conversion from
the DTD to schema with XML Spy, but that did not work, and I didn't pursue

Any other opinions on this?


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Glad you brought this up - we have recently completed full support for
HMMER, and need to make some minor changes also.  We will be putting this
code into the cvs on Friday (tomorrow).  Whilst we're doing that, we'll take
a look at the changes you propose (from cursory glance, I think they look

The main thing we need to strive for is not to break anyone's code.

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