[Biojava-l] call for BOSC BoF organizers

Andrew Dalke dalke@acm.org
Sun, 1 Jul 2001 03:05:29 -0600

 - Brief version:

If you want to organize a meeting at BOSC, please let me know.
More information is at

 - Full version:

One of the goals of BOSC is to provide a setting where the many
geographically dispersed participants can get together to meet,
learn more about what others need and are doing, brainstorm, plan,
come to consensus, and otherwise advance the use of open source in
bioinformatics. This is helped by organizing BoFs, which are
informal (but scheduled) meetings that allow people with common
interests to get together at one time. 

If you are interested in organizing a BoF at BOSC and want others
to know about it, please send me a title for the BoF, a brief
description to entice the appropriate people to attend, and any
resources or scheduling conflicts you expect.

All this organization information is on-line at
This is a wiki site so if you know the standand bio* username
and password, feel free to update it, or just send the information
to me and I'll update the page.

Once the final BoF schedule is known it will posted at

                    Andrew Dalke