[Biojava-l] ChangeEvent stuff

Matthew Pocock mrp@sanger.ac.uk
Mon, 02 Oct 2000 17:22:17 +0100

Well, it turned out to be a mamoth task, but the mutablilty/changeablilty
stuff is in there. The project builds now. A lot of the event handeling api
is just implemented by stubs, so all of this needs to be fixed before any
future stable release. This API kicks ass.

I may well have broken things by accident, so please post to the list or
mail me if/when your apps complain.

All the best,

Matthew Pocock

Matthew Pocock wrote:

> Hi.
> A long time ago, we discussed adding a generic change notification/veto
> framework for BioJava. I have found some bugs with the DP code that can
> only sensibly be fixed by having proper listeners attached to a variety
> of objects.
> I have checked in some classes to org.biojava.utils to set up the
> framework (initial versions written by Thomas), and have started work on
> org.biojava.bio.dp and org.biojava.bio.dist, adding in the ChangeType
> objects to interfaces and building the notification infrastructure.
> It looks like it will be a realy clean framework, giving us a lot of
> power with little overhead, so fingers crossed. The down-side is that I
> will have to add the mutability fields & methods to core-interfaces like
> Sequence. The upside of this is that once these are added, we can have
> propper dynamic implementations e.g. a sequence that users can edit, or
> annotaion that reflects rows in a dynamic database, and all the other
> objects can maintain apropreate state.
> I guess this should all be done-and-dusted before a future 1.1 release.
> Matthew
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