[Biojava-l] Biojava, use of on Mac server or applets

B. Dalrymple Brian.Dalrymple@hsn.csiro.au
Thu, 11 May 2000 17:01:17 +1000

Dear Biojava.org
	Help! I have been to your site, but not being a computer scientist
I am almost completely lost about how to even start to contribute to
Biojava and use the resources available.
	Currently I run a small Bioinformatics intranet using FMPro and
Access DB with Lasso Web data engine to take data from the databases and
process for presentation on the web browsers. The FMPro, the Web server and
the Lasso plugin run under the Mac OS system with Access on the NT OS. The
Lasso plugin has the ability to run Java Applets with the LassoProxyAPI.
	Currently my particular interest is in presenting fasta formatted
multiple alignment currently held as text files via an applet with coloured
boxes etc to indicated homologies - or alternatively via server side
processing of the files to generate html pages on the fly, if possible.
	I tried to download from your FTP site to an NT without any success
in unpacking the downloaded file.

	For the Demos on your site I expected working demos, but just found
details of the code etc.

	Can Biojava help me with my problem? or would I be better using
Lasso to process my files server side as I am pretty familiar with the
language of this package, not widely used by the Bionofmraticsa community

	thanks for any help advice that you can give me.

Dr Brian Paul Dalrymple
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