[Biojava-l] Talk

Matthew Pocock mrp@sanger.ac.uk
Tue, 05 Dec 2000 17:56:56 +0000

Hi all,

I am gearing up to commit the new Symbol code. I sudgest that you take a
CVS snapshot now to work from as the code I check in may be buggy. I
will try to commit tommorow noon UK time. Hopefuly once this is in and
working, nobody will notice, and we will be able to have ambiguity
symbols that represent arbitrary collections of codons (all stop codons,
or all PHE codons etc.).

On a different note, I am giving a short (~15 min) presentation on the
project this Friday. Is there anything that you think I should include?
What is your favorite feature? What is your biggest gripe? What is
BioJava's biggest selling point? All comments appreciated.