[Biojava-l] Re: biocorba.org

J.W. Bizzaro jeff@bioinformatics.org
Mon, 28 Aug 2000 09:52:11 +0000

Johann Visagie wrote:
> Shouldn't there be a general mailing list (moderated?) to cover issues that
> pertain to all the Bio* projects?  ("biostar"? "openbio"?)  This could cover:
> - announcements of interest to all, like Jason's
> - co-operation / code sharing between projects
> - etc.
> (Maybe the bioinformatics.org people can be prevailed upon to host it, since
> they have such a nice domain? :-)

We would be more than happy to host anything :-)  But our domain name (which,
by the way, is due to collaborating with the owner of the name and not due my
own cyber-squating skills--The Open Lab == a volunteer collaborative effort)
is not the only reason for considering The Open Lab.  Here is a list of our
services, which some of you may have already seen:

*  Advanced web-based administrative tools providing easy maintenance for all

  o  Bug-Tracking System
  o  Task Manager
  o  News System
  o  Discussion Forums
  o  Public Surveys
  o  File Release Management

*  An SSH account that provides basic shell functions, your own crontab, and
access to your HTTP directory

*  A Web site for your project:

  o  Four URL's


  o  Domain name hosting (mapping to our server)
  o  Apache mods, SSL, PHP3 and CGI support
  o  Detailed Web site statistics

*  Quota-less drive space (within reason)

*  Access to the MySQL DBMS from your shell account and web server

*  The Mailman mailing list manager

*  Your own CVS modules, available anonymously to the outside world

*  A Web interface for examining CVS modules

*  Full read/write access to your own FTP directory, available anonymously to
the outside world

*  An e-mail address for yourself:

  o  Four addresses

  o  IMAP4 access
  o  Or alias the addresses to your current address

We also offer services for developer and non-developer alike:

*  Bioinformatics News:

  o  Focusing on news about the freedom of information as it pertains
     to bioinformatics
  o  Featured authors
  o  Book reviews

*  Various portal features (under development):

  o  Calendar of bioinformatics conferences
  o  Glossary
  o  Polls

*  Internet-based tools for bioinformatics

  o  Most of which happen to be projects already based at The Open Lab

Future plans include the availability of various hardware and software
platforms for testing and compiling bioinformatics software.  A large cluster
is also on the horizon.  As a contributor to any project, you will have
access to these servers.

Also note that we (mostly Brad Chapman) will soon be setting up a Wiki
documentation system for everyone to use.

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