[Bioperl-l] bioperl-run; size/complexity of bioperl for 1.2

Catherine Letondal letondal@pasteur.fr
Sun, 24 Nov 2002 19:02:03 +0100

nkuipers wrote:
> >Having to install several parts and understand CPAN-like dependency
> >mechanisms may be difficult for the newbie. Do not forget that a large part
> >of bioperl users do not have any sysadm in their lab and have to install
> >bioperl themselves.
> I disagree. Installation is not the main difficulty, as resources pointing to 
> the PREFIX option to make, for example, are abundant; even I figured it out. 
> :)  Actually identifying which modules to use and getting dirty with 
> <i>functionality</i> and code lifting/munging is where the main learning curve
> is, I think.

You are right. Installation is not the *most* difficult. 
But it is still difficult (for beginners). 

I'm curious: how many sites have installed bioperl core? how many
sites have installed other parts?
Catherine Letondal -- Pasteur Institute Computing Center