[Bioperl-l] Re: Perl Tool Manuscript submission

Mauricio Herrera Cuadra arareko@yahoo.com
Wed, 6 Nov 2002 12:16:39 -0600 (CST)

Have you tried BMC Bioinformatics?

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> Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 06:33:04 -0800 (PST)
> From: Steven Suchyta <shac1234@yahoo.com>
> To: bioperl-l@bioperl.org
> Subject: [Bioperl-l] Perl Tool Manuscript submission
> We have developed a tool that will let someone do a
> batch submission to the dbEST database in Genbank.
> This is similar to Sequin, but there are no tools for
> dbEST at Genbank or anywhere else for that matter, so
> we had to write our own. Anyway, it seems like none of
> the journals are interested, they all have said it is
> not significant, meanwhile, if anyone is in the same
> boat as we were they will have to write there own
> program. We have it publically available at our
> website, but I would like to give credit to the people
> who helped write it, especially an undergrad. Does
> anyone have any ideas on what I could do or where I
> could submit it? Thanks
> Steven Suchyta
> =====
> Steven Suchyta, Ph.D. 
> Academic Specialist in Genomics
> Michigan State Univeristy
> Department of Animal Science
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