[Bioperl-l] $hit->accession

suhoiy suhoiy@21cn.com
Fri, 1 Nov 2002 11:17:06 GMT

Hello all,

In Bio::SearchIO::blast module, the accession number is obtained by:
        my @pieces = split(/\|/,$id);
        my $acc = pop @pieces;

but some hits are different, for example:
        gi|3024862|sp|P76372|WZZB_ECOLI Chain length determinant protein...   551   e-156
        gi|18266411|gb|AAL67565.1|AF461121_16 (AF461121) O-antigen chain...   538   e-152
        gi|584950|sp|P37792|WZZB_SHIFL Chain length determinant protein ...   535   e-151

so the returned $hit->accession are "WZZB_ECOLI" and so on, while the true 
accessions are "P76372" and so on.

Is it a bug? maybe we can get the accessions by /gi\|\d+\|\w+\|([\w\.]*)/ ?