Bioperl: other options for Bioperl gatherings

Chris Dagdigian
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 14:23:13 -0500

The thread that Jong started has been great. Various folks are talking now and trying to figure
out if we can pull together a meeting that coincides with ISMB'99. If anyone else has suggestions
or comments, now is the time to send them off to the list. We particularly need to make some
educated guesses on the number of people who may attend. People may remember the ISMB'98
bioperl luncheon which was basically swamped.

I also wanted to throw out other options -- core bioperlers have long talked about getting
together somewhere convenient for a day or more of hardcore collaborative work on
the codebase, documentation, example scripts, etc. etc. The java biowidget people
did (or tried, not sure...) something similar with a "BioWidget Boot-camp".

Boston may be a good area for us-- big bioinformatics community, strong perl userbase
and an active local boston-perl-mongers user group who might be convinced to help
out with technical issues. I can provide meeting/conference facilities & computers
via my company with little difficulty. 

This type of "bioperl bootcamp" may be most appropriate with a very small group who
want to get together to talk, code and possibly get some prototype examples working with
respect to some of the recent bioperl threads involving bioXML and Structure/Alignment
objects. Extending an invitation to people who have working code that they want to
release into the public domain and/or integrate into the bioperl codebase may also be
very useful.

Just my $.02 :)

Chris Dagdigian,
Genetics Institute
Cambridge, MA

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