Bioperl: Bioperl conference

Georg Fuellen fuellen@alum.MIT.EDU
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 17:07:19 +0100 (MET)

> I would need an email (by Monday) which I can forward, stating who we are,

This info should just be preliminary and may well be incomplete--
just something I can send along when asking for room sponsorship.
But I'd like to include two additional pieces of info:
* How many ppl do we expect to attend ? (maybe three times the number of
  responses we receive on the date issue ?)
* Should the workshop run from 9-18 h ?!

> who is on the organizing committee (including affiliations), what we intent 
> to do, that we're making no financial gains, that we qualify as a volunteer 
> group, that such a meeting is in high demand (w/ reference to what happened
> at ISMB'98..:-), that we're saving the software world, what equipment we 
> optimally like to have and why, and these sort of things... This mail should 
> be done by the `guy in charge'... (SteveC...?) (btw, IMHO it would be nice to 
> have some bigshots who are at least willing to serve as referees for the talk 
> abstracts / (possibly) papers (ie which are on the program committee), 
> unless we really don't wanna do that (professionalizing the meeting
> has got big pros and cons...)
> BUT-- let's not invest a lot of work into this until we've got a good 
> room !
> best wishes,
> georg
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