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Ewan Birney
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 14:07:59 +0000 (GMT)

On Wed, 27 Jan 1999, Georg Fuellen wrote:

> Well, I've simply confirmed last fall that we can most likely get a room at 
> no cost, at a nearby facilty (DKFZ); one research group leader there said 
> that he intents to vouch for us.
> E.g. we could have a one-day meeting before or shortly after the 
> conference-- this should be worked out soon though, the longer we
> wait the more limited our options. (eg we'd need a room that is
> already well-equipped with computers, b/c I don't see anyone who 
> could manage a non-neglegible amount of on-site technical installation).

I think this is brilliant. I would prefer to set it up before ISMB (as by
the end I usually have complete conference fatigue - as I am sure many
other people do). Georg - can you tentatively book a room with computers
if at all possible - for a time over this period, so we can make sure we
can do this? Then we have to figure out

	The potential dates I am suggesting therefore is either thursday
5th August (just before) or Friday 6th August (overlapping with the
tutorial day). I'm marginally keener for the thursday. 

	- format of the 'day'
	- costs (if any?) and how to fund them
	- how to get applicants and decide who comes if there are limited
	- how (if at all) to coordinate with ISMB
	- web site presence etc...

I suspect someone needs to volunteer to coordinate all this. ;) Any 
volunteers out there for sorting it out? We should probably have a guy
in charge and a commitee and Georg should at least be on the commitee
as he will be closest to heidelberg... (sorry Georg!)

> best wishes,
> georg
> P.S. I'm currently buried w/ work, but next week I intent to comment
> at least on the alignment object.

I look forward to it.

> -re- the recent discussion on the guts list on
> inaedaquate equipment for, I'm wondering whether
> it wouldn't be a good idea to approach the Perl Institute -- not just 
> to get the small amount of money needed, but also because if we receive
> some, we've got some blessing that may help us receive further funding
> support if we like to apply for it. In any case, I can also contribute
> a small amount of cash myself.

I think we have a number of offers now which look like we are sorted.
We'll keep you posted on it.

> -re- mirroring of Isn't the CPAN mirroring system 
> (almost) all we need ?

Probably. I think hardware/connection improvements + CPAN (which we are
sorting out at the moment) should solve it.

Ewan Birney

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