Bioperl: Bioperl conference

J. H. Park
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 19:22:39 -0500

Hi Ewan,

As a lot of people seem to be interested in Bioperl and perl
for biology in general, how about organizing a small
conference specifically for Biological Perl so that people 
can debate, contribute, day-dream about the future, exchange
ideas and codes etc. It will be fun and informative.
What do you think?



... Science is not a craftsmanship nor a simple clever discovery
of nature. It is not a task for any clever mind with a good
memory and a good understanding on the techniques involved with
a good class mark from previous schools. It requires a maturity
as an educated human personality with proper insights on the
processes and consequences of the work involved to the society
and all humanbeings in the far extent.
It is a scholastic activity with unselfish and unbiased causes..
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