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Mon, 18 Jan 1999 19:44:32 +0000

I've never posted to this group before, so let me introduce myself. 
My name is Ron Beavis and I am very interested in using 
annotated sequence information for mass spec-based protein 
identification and analysis. I designed the BIOML language and wrote
the specification document that some of you may have read. My friend 
David Fenyo at ProteoMetrics is involved in using the language 
commercially, but my main interest is in protein chemistry.

In reply to Paul Gordon's post, there is a CGI program that serves 

where XXX is any valid SWISS-PROT or PIR identifier (e.g.,  
BMP2_HUMAN for the SWISS-PROT entry for bone morphogenic protein 2). 
We are quite willing to distribute the code for this SWISS-PROT or 
PIR converstion to anyone who would like to experiment with it. 

There is also an experimental browser & visual editor (Win32 only 
I'm afraid) at

Download the file, run "biotest.exe" and then run "setup.exe". Follow 
the instructions on the "Readme.bml" file that should load up 
immediately and then click on the "Home" button on the toolbar. There 
is a listing of some BIOML templates that I have written, including a 
number of BIOML files that describe viruses.

Ronald Beavis
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